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The disarming beauty of simplicity, is what you will find in Liguria and that will make you fall immediately in love with this land. A real gem enclosed between the green of the hills behind it and the turquoise of its sea. A balmy weather throughout the year, coloured villages perched on the rocks overlooking the sea and the refinement of these locations always appreciated by the jet seters, who love to visit and enjoy moments of true relaxation away from the chaos of the most popular tourist destinations. Not to mention the food, simple and genuine ingredients like the people you will meet in its typical “trattorias”, but with surprising flavours. This week’s charter itinerary will take you to discover these suggestive places to live magical moments immersed in nature, history and the typical beauties of this territory, you just have to jump on board and enjoy the show.



You will start by embarking in La Spezia Mirabello port. From this position the first stop of the itinerary is easily reachable: Portovenere. (approx. 30/40 min – 20 nm) and Porto di Mirabello a short journey from Pisa Airport (approx. 1 hour by car).
Once arrived in Portovenere you will immediately see the beauty of a classic Ligurian village UNESCO World Heritage Site from1997.
Here you can take a slow walk along the seaside promenade soaking up the stunning views leading you to the historical town centre. Typical, Ligurian villages consist of narrow, steep alleys and vibrant coloured houses. This historical part is where the commercial life of the village takes place: souvenir shops, artisan laboratories (Note: here you can find the typical sandals “Zoccoli of Portovenere”), bakeries, bars and “Friggitorie” (chip shops). One of the best ones is the BOTTEGA DEL FRITTO. One of the most well-known aspects of Portovenere is the famous San Pietro little church. From here, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape of sea from Lerici to the Cinque Terre.
Another famous is the Lord Byron cave, the story tells that the poet loved to come to this place to find inspiration for his poems, sometimes together with Percy e Mary Shelley. In the early afternoon you can cruise to another famous location, perfect to spend the afternoon sunbathing, swimming and relaxing on board: Isola di Palmaria.
Here you can find lots of small bays and lovely hidden beaches, Cala dell’Ammiraglio, is a stunning bay, reachable only by the sea. For experienced divers, the wreck of the Equa ship, which sank in 1944 and remained practically intact, is an unforgettable experience.
Here you will spend the night on board having a drink and dinner prepared by your chef, at anchor in front of the beautiful landscape of Portovenere.

Cinque Terre

After a good breakfast served on the aft deck, the Captain will lead your yacht to the next stop on the itinerary: Cinque Terre (Five Lands).
are 5 small villages perched on the cliff, originally inhabited by local fishermen – because of the position, the easiest way to reach them was by train or via the sea. Typically, these places are filled with compacted, coloured houses, this meant that each fisherman was able to easily recognise his home, from being out at sea.
The first one is Riomaggiore, which presents a stunning view from the sea – its full of bright colours and small boats (called “gozzi” anchored in front of his small docking). This area includes secret bays and caves, this would be a perfect location for the morning. When it reaches lunch time, you will move to Manarola – immediately next to Riomaggiore, a walk in the lovely village and lunch with a sea view in one of her lovely restaurants, hand-picked for you by your experienced charter crew.
After having a lovely lunch, it’s time to move to Vernazza (boating in front of Corniglia). Here you can spend the afternoon on the beach, this is one of the few sandy beaches in the area, and then continue with a walk in the narrow alleys and end the day with a good glass of wine from Winexperience. You will then return on board to enjoy a delicious dinner made for you by the chef, in front of the splendid panorama of Monterosso, the 5th and last of these beautiful lands.

Sestri Levante

Departure from Monterosso in the morning, destination Sestri Levante. This is another pretty town characterized by 2 famous bays: the Bay of Silence and the Bay of Fairytales. You can spend the morning sunbathing on your yacht in front of the splendid panorama taking the opportunity to swim in its emerald waters and have fun with the water toys.
Compared to the previous locations, this one has a more glamorous tone, especially during the summer. Its “Caruggio”, as the pedestrian street in the heart of the city is called in Liguria, is full of lovely restaurants, bars and shops. For those who love trekking, there are beautiful paths along the coast, one of the most evocative ones is that of Punta Manara (the path starts in the middle of the caruggio of Sestri Levante and leads to the top of its hill, with a breathtaking landscape on the Gulf – it takes about 2 hours there and back).
After this exciting day, it’s time to relax with a cocktail on board and then to have dinner in one of its wonderful restaurants, among which we suggest the Hotel dei Castelli, located in a stu ning terrace overlooking the sea. Alternatively, it is possible to visit the nearby town of Chiavari (about 8 min by taxi), another beautiful village, with a wonderful historic center full of shops and bars, excellent for shopping.
At the end of the evening you can then reach the nearby port of Lavagna where you can spend the night.

Portofino / S. Margherita Ligure

Departure in the morning from Lavagna, destination Portofino.
This is the most glamorous location of this itinerary (and of Liguria in general). It is a natural port in the heart of the Tigullio, which over the years has become the exclusive location of the worlds jet seters, a very small village populated mainly in the spring / summer period. Visiting it in the months of July / August you will surely find several mega yachts at anchor and VIPs sitting in its restaurants or doing shopping in its exclusive boutiques.
In addition to this aspect, it is a real gem between the crystalline water and the green hill behind it. To fully enjoy its enchanting atmosphere, visit it early in the morning, when the village is surrounded by a magical light and a truly priceless calm.
IMPORTANT: the whole area around Portofino is a protected environmental area, therefore it is forbidden to enter with yachts, but no problem with the tender. You can spend the afternoon in front of Paraggi, this is the name of the beach between Portofino and Santa Margherita (the next village).
The water has a special color, between green and turquoise, a color so particular that it has coined a new name to define it: the “Paraggi green”.
It is worth dedicating a few hours to discovering this area by the sea (preferably by kayak, to be able to explore all its hidden coves and caves).
At this point the Captain will take you to the port of Santa Margherita while you can enjoy a typical Ligurian aperitif (you cannot miss a taste of focaccia, farinata, pesto and some fried anchovies), all while admiring the splendid surrounding landscape. S. Margherita is a small town, full of restaurants, bars and nightlife. For the evening a table will be reserved for you in the splendid and exclusive Oasi al Mare beach club and restaurant, refined local food, excellent wine to enjoy comfortably seated a few steps from the sea.

S. Fruttuoso / Camogli

Departure from S.Margherita in the morning, destination San Fruttuoso.
It is a natural bay on which stands an ancient Abbey (the Abbey of San Fruttuoso) a few steps from the sea – between Portofino and Camogli. It is clearly visible from the sea. During the summer it is one of the most popular locations to spend the morning (after lunch this area remains in the shade) immersing yourself in its beautiful waters.
For diving enthusiasts, here it is possible to see the famous “Christ of the abyss”, right in the seabed in front of San Fruttuoso. It is a bronze statue that was placed in 1954 on the bottom of the San Fruttuoso bay at a depth of 17 meters, near the eastern wall of the bay and is bordered by signaling buoys.
You can reach the Abbey by tender, and after a quick visit to the old monastery, have lunch in one of its typical restaurants. After lunch the Captain will take the yacht to Camogli – another splendid Ligurian village – here you can relax on board or reach the picturesque little port of Camogli by Tender.
You will love its small alleys full of restaurants, boutiques and artisan shops. In the evening you can treat yourself to a suggestive dinner in one of its delicious restaurants.
After dinner, don’t miss a visit to “il Pirata” – for delicious rum, whiskey or sangria. It is a very small pub with a cozy atmosphere. The owner is a super welcoming and passionate man, you will be enchanted by the magical atmosphere of this place and you will end your day listening to ancient pirate legends while sipping your favorite rum.

The final morning on your yacht, you will be served a delicious fresh breakfast which you can enjoy on the aft deck in the sunshine as you make your way back to Lavagna. At 12:00 noon your crew and Captain will wish you a fond farewell, see you soon for the next unforgettable adventure.

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